• TOMA MOVING (Transporters & Overseas Movers Associates) is a world wide association of services, specialized in international transports and removals.
  • Every transportation mode has its own specificity, that must be exploited in an optimal manner, not only for the quality standards but as well for the bargaining of tariffs.
  • By road, TOMA MOVING exploits a fleet of trucks crossing Europe from North to South and East to West.
  • By ship, TOMA MOVING uses the services of shipping lines offering secured axes without calls or with a minimum stops over to reach the destination within the prescribed dates.
  • By air, TOMA MOVING permanently gathers information about the existing possibilities, and suggests the most direct routings at the best existing rates, with IATA and non-IATA airlines.



For every mode of transport, the associated moving enterprises assure the safe receipt of the goods at the border (port, airport, terminal) of destination and manage the customs formalities in a prompt and efficient way.

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